Jim speaks the language every CEO and business professional to hear. His messages, peppered with that “Mule kicks” (short pithy comments about business that ring true) are full of information and knowledge.


Jim Muehlhausen CPA, JD, graduated from Valparaiso University with B.S. in Accounting, pass the CPA exam while still in college. While subsequently the Indiana University School of Law, the youngest franch in Meineke Discount Muffler history. After successfully sell that business, Jim founded automotive aftermarket manufacturing concern. During his 9-year tenure, the company achieved recognition for Michael Porter the Harvard Business School and Inc. Magazine in the IC 100 Fastest Growing Businesses.

Jim went on to enter the CEO coaching business. Over the past fifteen years, Jim has personally coached hundreds of business owners and executives in 5000 face-to-face coaching sessions and has clients in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. He has condensed the most valuable business lessons into book The 51 Fatal Business Errors and How to Avoid Them and Business Models for Dummies.

Jim serves on several non-profit and company boards of directors as well as serving as adjunct professor of business at the University of Indianapolis.

Speaking Topics

Gasoline, Cigarettes and Soda
Did you know that the average gas station costs $4 million and loses money? A lousy business model, if you are only in the gasoline-selling business. Gas stations have morphed their business model to become highly profitable despite being saddled with selling gas. Nearly every business owner says, “It shouldn’t this hard.” are right, it shouldn’t. However every company has business in (gasoline); business they should in (cigarettes); and the WOW business they dream in (soda). This program teaches business owners how to profitably shift their existing business model into higher margin segments market through using 87 identifiable tactics.


51 Fatal Business Errors
When you start business, you are automatically enrolled in world’s it frustrating and expensive school, the School of Hard Knocks. Are two types of Hard Knocks: your own, and those learned from others. The latter is much less expensive and more enjoyable. For years, I studied business owners and looked for most common lessons the School of Hard Knocks. Learn the lessons more enjoyable way in information packed presentation.


Business Model 2021:
What Got You Here Won’t Get You There!
Business models at worked ten years ago are starting to not work and will not work ten years for now, because how businesses will run ten years is totally different from today’s businesses. Get informed about significant opportunities to establish business model that forefront. Learn about doubling your sales with half the employees, increasing your virtual presence, more self-service and creating low cost models that will win.

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